Photo-A-Day #904 09/29/07 – PhotoHunters: Original

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Today’s Photo-A-Day is doing some double duty. The image is of the original changing table that my father built when I was born. Yes, that is the original changing table that my mom and dad used to change the diapers of each of their kids. Then they gave the changing table to my Uncle Dave and Aunt Chris. They used the changing table for their three kids. And now it has come full circle and will be the changing table that we will use for our baby(ies?).

Today Uncle Dave and Aunt Chris came up and brought us the changing table. The baby’s room is pretty much ready, we have to do a lot of wash today and then we will be even closer to being ready. We are very happy and grateful to have this link to my history that can now become part of our history.

20 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #904 09/29/07 – PhotoHunters: Original”

  1. What a lovely changing table and great to think that it was used for you and will soon be used for your baby. What a lovely thing to share with us.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. Meeyauw, using another name, I didn’t even realize it was you right away. I just meant that we will probably have more kids someday. Not to worry, we are not having twins. They do run in the family but not this time around.

  3. Thanks Sara,
    I was so happy to hear that my uncle still had this and so happy to receive it back for our kids. I’m always happy to share my Dad’s awesome handiwork.

  4. Wow, any piece of furniture that suited all those babies, is a treasure! Its just beautiul! My photo is up, please come and visit

  5. Thanks Becci, You photo is beautiful. We have been busily setting up the baby’s room and are excited to use all the stuff.

  6. Talk about getting your monies worth, great item to pass down through the family. The nappy tower that is next to it is like one that we used , great fun taking the long sausages of nappies out when its full.

    Cheers Mark

  7. It has been a busy couple of days around here Mark. I got my calendar in the mail the other day and we’ve just been getting the baby’s room ready. I’m putting up the Green Thumb Sunday post soon too.

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