Photo-A-Day #566 10/26/06

Well, I am sitting in the Monroe Airport waiting for the security gate to go up. I should have known that I would have had plenty of time to get to the airport and to catch my flight. The place only has 3 gates. And there is no wi-fi access in the airport, surprise. Airports, you really should think about putting wireless networks in at your terminals. Since everything else about air travel is a hassle shouldn’t the waiting at least let people be productive. There isn’t even a gift shop or bookstore here. I should have stopped at a Borders or something before I got to the airport. I wasted my time trying to find the Harley Davidson shop and taking many wrong turns in the rain just to get there and find that they did not have a pin, but rather they had the standard circular oil dot. But they gave me one free so that was nice of them.

So, I’ve been to Louisiana, and yes that is about the extent of my excitement. It was wet and rainy, the demo wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be and I can’t wait to get home.

The bright shining part of my day today was going to R.J. Gators. This restaurant bills itself as a Florida sea grill and bar. I got an order of their buffalo wings and my bottom lip is still burning a bit. I also ordered their seafood bucket, which was like a seafood platter with fish, shrimp and clams, but it was served in a… bucket. Actually a metal pail, I think buckets are bigger. Andy, what is the difference between a bucket and a pail? They also served soft rolls with a garlic and parmesan butter on top. Those were dangerous and tasty. I couldn’t finish nearly half of the meal because the portions were so huge. I expected a few small chicken wings and they were monsters. And for the price I expected a small portion of fish and shrimp but that too was huge.

The atmosphere of the place was very fun. They had classic rock and older heavy metal playing. It was like a bar out of the movie Roadhouse, and you know how much I liked that movie. There was a wall of fire where you could try the different hot sauces. They had alligator themed decorations all over the place. This fella (above) got stuck in the wall… while flying, yeah that’s the ticket.

So at the Monroe Regional Airport, Hair Care and Tire Center I was delayed for about an hour. I hope to be getting to Atlanta in enough time to grab something to eat and catch my flight. Most importantly to catch that next flight. And I get to go into Boston instead of Providence. So I will most likely be crawling into bed around 12:00am.

This airport is so small it only has three gates. There is one security line that doesn’t even open up until the plane that is landing is about 10 minutes out. And yet people are still so stupid that they wonder if they are in the right place for their flights. There are only three airlines, they only go to three places. Chances are you’re in the right place. And why do people ask me if they are in the right place? Almost always someone asks me if they are in the right place. I was tempted to tell the guy that no, in fact he was at the wrong place and boarding would begin through the tire center. A free set of radials if you get through security without a pat down.

I ended up getting home about 12:20am. The flight from Atlanta to Boston was delayed. I did end up having enough time to grab a piece of Sbarro pizza and a drink from the most pleasant woman in the world. I also had enough time to grab me some garbage reading. I picked up Douglas Preston’s Tyrannosaur Canyon. Why do I call it garbage reading, well I knew nothing about the book and just picked it up. If it was garbage then I just recycle it after I read it. However the book is pretty good and I look forward to finishing reading it.