Photo-A-Day #571 10/31/06

Tonight Allison and I went to visit Amy and Ryan and Mason for Halloween. Mason is the coolest kid. He’s so full of energy (could have been the sugar last night) and he was so excited for Halloween. He would run to the door every time someone came trick or treating and shout “Halloween” or “Happy Halloween” or some version there of.

We brought over some cookies that you could color on for Mason. He and I colored at the table in between knocks at the door. The color cookies were pretty neat, they came with markers that had food coloring in them and you could color in the black and white image. I had as much fun as Mason did.

Then it was time for Amy, Ryan and Mason to go trick or treating. Mason was a Doctor and even had a custom made lab coat (courtesy of Amy’s Mom) that had his nametag and everything. He had the Fisher Price doctor’s kit and he was on his way. Ryan came home from work and was in his suit so it looked like he was the young doctor’s lawyer. Allison, Jen, Amy’s mom and I manned the door for trick or treaters while they were gone. Amy’s mom told us a ghost story about the missing Bobby from the photos. (Not sure if it was meant as a ghost story but turned out to sound like one) Allison was still a little freaked out when we drove home. I don’t blame her that was freaky.

After Ryan, Amy and Mason came back we had some pizza, watched the wonderpets and then Mason went to sleep. Ryan and I played Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance on X-Box while the girls played some board games in the dining room. They sounded like they were having a ball. Ryan and I had our butts handed to us by Mephisto (sp). It was a good time, I even got dressed up.

Lame, but it cost nothing and took 2 minutes to make.