Photo-A-Day #573 11/02/06

I bought this pepper about a month ago. It was green then. I wanted to make some sort of sauce or glaze or something for a spicy chicken dish. I never made the dish. So the pepper has just been hanging around the house shriveling up. It was laying next to some avocados that are beginning to look like prunes but the stem of the pepper curled so I hung it from this planter.

It is probably not a smart thing to leave this there over night. Some furry paws may decide to climb up and try and attack the pepper. Of course, once the boys end up taking a bite they will be sorry. But then they’ll be mad at us and pee on the couch again. We are up to $60.00 in couch cleaning fees for the cat pee cushions. Now the boys have three litter boxes because the vet said they are getting territorial and one of the boys may be preventing the other from using the litterbox. So now they have two to use and one to visit on occasion, like a vacation home. When the first peeing of the cushion happened I took Oliver to the vet to make sure he didn’t have a urinary tract infection. Most likely he did not but he had a round of antibiotics never-the-less.

This past time Allison took both cats to the vet and the doc checked them out, despite having tiny bladders they did not have infections. Rather they are getting to cramped in our small space and need some more room to roam. So they are fighting and claiming territory. Super fun.

so down will come the pepper tonight because the last thing I need are two furry demons with full bladders and burned mouths with a axes to grind on our furniture.