Photo-A-Day #597 11/26/06

Today we said goodbye to Dan and Marcia. We had lunch with Dan,Marcia, Grandma Eva and Grandpa John and Nate. We also were visited by Uncle Jim and Alice. Today we did not do much. Dan and Marcia packed for their trip to Florida. We packed up to go home. The Christmas decorations went up yesterday and today. So it looks like Santa has some clothes he forgot to pick up last year. Maybe he’ll come get them this year.

Starman was on Sci-fi channel today. I remember seeing that movie when it came out. I really liked it. I still like it today. A very good movie overall and Jeff Bridges was great in it.

From reading the user reviews it looks like the European version is widescreen with commentary, the US version does not have that. Maybe on the 25th anniversary of the movie we will get a better DVD.