Photo-A-Day #611 12/10/06

Photo-A-Day 611 121006

Today I finished the painting of the trim in the new bedroom. Allison went and bought some new drawer pulls for the built in drawers that are located between the bedroom and the current living room. We are going to use that space to display our crystal and beautiful plaes that we were given for our wedding. We are also going to look into some glass doors to add to that set of shelves. The shelves have a built in plate rail and we are excited to have this piece of the house now a part of our living space.

The photo is of the drawer pulls that are from the drawers in my closet. These drawers are going to be where I am going to move everything from my bureau. When I took the drawer pulls off to pain the drawers I turned them over and saw the patent stamp saying that the drawer pulls are from 1868. Pretty exciting.