Photo-A-Day #667 02/04/07

Today was Nicholas Gregory’s Christening. Allison and I went to the Christening over in North Providence. Both proud poppa and momma were beaming and baby Nicholas was an angel during the ceremony. I got to play with Derek’s new camcorder. I video taped the ceremony. After the ceremony we went to Chester’s for a reception and we sat with Mike and Anna and Beth and Matt. Mike and Anna’s son Matthew was there too and he was being very cute. Neil and Andrea were at the ceremony and reception. Neil got Derek’s camera to take pictures and I gave Andrea my camera to use to take pictures. I took it back to get this picture of Derek, Michelle and Nicholas and Derek’s sister and Brother-in-law and their kids. Derek’s sister is the godmother and his brother-in-law is the godfather. We had a very nice time and are so happy for Derek and Michelle. We also got to see Derik and Sarah and their adorable little girl Riley.

Last night we watched the Super Bowl and it was exciting. I didn’t really see too many standout commercials however. I made pulled pork for our dinner along with some tasty pizza pinwheels. We had Tara and Erik and their friend Bob as well as Allison and I andMom and Dad plus Jen was over to watch the game. It was a nice night.