Photo-A-Day #688 02/25/07

Dad at the Computer

Mom and Dad are using the old laptop quite frequently these days. I’m still getting used to them reading the blog on a daily basis. For such a long time they were not online so they weren’t up on everything that I was doing on the road until I came home. Now when I come home Dad or Mom lets me know that they read about my trips, and trials on those trips. I think it is great that they are following this blog so closely.

Tonight Dad and I worked on sending e-mails with pictures to friends. He just had a great trip in Florida and wanted to send some pictures to the people down there, mainly our neighbors at the Cape and my Aunt and Uncle and their two girls. So I set up a few things and showed Dad a few things then we switched places and Dad said to me, “You watching me do this is like me watching you drive nails.” And he is right, we are both very good at our talents and can see a hundred different ways that something can be done better or how we would have done it. But the great thing is that we let each other find our own ways of doing those things. And eventually we get better at them in our own time.

Today we spent the morning and early afternoon with Dan and Marcia and we went to lunch at Luisa’s with them and we met up with Nate and Sarah. We had a very nice lunch with everyone and then headed home. I am under the weather now and so I took a nice long nap when we got home. Then we watched Saturday Night Live that we had taped from Saturday. It was okay, not that great but I did like the opening and the monologue.

We then watched part of the Oscars and well, it is late and I am sick and it is time to head to bed.