Photo-A-Day #706 03/15/07

Christopher Williams on the djembe

Tonight Allison and I went to Christina’s Cafe in Westborough, Ma to see Christopher Williams. Allison saw that the show was coming up so she found out about getting tickets. Christina’s looks like a nice little restaurant. We sat at a table in the front and could see everything quite well.

Before Christopher played we heard three songs by Sarah Adams and three by Brian Vanderpool. They played together but are not in a band together. Then we heard and Laura Bullock. She was very good and also a good storyteller. I liked her song, The Net Below very much. Look for these three artists to become a Singer Spotlight Artist in the future. Christian Bookstore The Olive Branch was the sponsor for the show. Prior to the show starting Allison and I caught up with Christopher and chatted for a bit. Then he was called away and we settled into our seats. I set up my QuikPod with the tripod leg attachments to try and get some pictures. Even though I was using a tripod and the highest ISO I still got pretty blurry pictures because I didn’t use a flash.

Maybe next time I will bring the Digital SLR camera and get better shots. Although I do like this shot because it was the only time Christopher used the djembe. And that song was Did Not Draw. I love that song especially the sound of the djembe.

Christopher’s wife was not there and we missed seeing and talking with her. I keep meaning to get a picture of us with Christopher, but the night was very nice and it was late for us ‘old folks’ especially since it was a school night.

Christopher’s storytelling is getting better and better. He just returned from Africa with Blood Water Mission. Blood Water Mission was started by the band Jars of Clay and the mission is to build clean water wells for people in Africa. And they are doing this to help reduce the impact of the HIV/Aids pandemic by promoting clean blood and clean water giving the people basic conditions that are necessary for good health. Blood Water Mission is also trying to raise the funds necessary to build 1000 clean water wells in Africa. You can find out more about Blood Water Mission as well as how a donation of $1.00 can give one African clean water for 1 year. Take a look at

As always the Christopher show was moving, powerful and fun. If you ever get a chance to see him play go and see him, you will not be disappointed.