Photo-A-Day #707 03/16/07

Last night when we were at the Christopher Williams show and I was talking with Chris we discussed Photo-A-Day. You may not know this, but I hope you do because that means you’ve been following Photo-A-Day for a while now, Christopher was the inspiration for Photo-A-Day.

We were discussing it and Christopher has been kicking an idea around about taking a perspective a day. He had to explain it a bit to me so today I took a photo from my perspective, right before I enjoy some diet pink grapefruit soda. This might not be what he was talking about and maybe I just didn’t want to go outside into the crappy weather. Tomorrow’s Photo will be better because we are going to Derek and Michelle’s for St. Patrick’s day and we are having a Wii party. Derek got the Wiimote recharging station. I am jealous, and burning through batteries as I blaze through Zelda. But I wonder if I should buy something specialized like that or just get some rechargeable AA batteries.