Photo-A-Day #709 03/18/07

Taylor's ball and bowl

It snowed here on Friday, both Allison and I got to come home early from work. I have the good fortune of being able to work from home often. I like telecommuting because I can work in jeans. I dress up when I go to the office but kicking around the house it is much more comfortable to be relaxed in jeans.

On Saturday morning Dad and Tara and I cleaned off the driveway. We have a very large driveway and there is no good way to clean it all off, it just takes time. I guess I am equating good with quick, but the driveway clean up is never quick. When Erik is home we have two snowblowers going and it still takes a long time. But we do a very good job of cleaning the driveway. When we get the chance to do it right we scrape it right down to the asphalt. When we do that and the sun hits the driveway everything melts away. So we do end up doing a good job on the driveway.

It was a rather slow day here at the house. I worked on moving some more posts over from the old blog to this one. I also added a couple of cool widgets to the new blog. I found a really neat sidebar widget through MyBlogLog and then added a couple of things like an RSS feed from my two other blogs: The Wired Kayaker and Flatwater Tech. I first added the Sidebar Widget from Automattic. I then added the MyBlogLog widget to add to the sidebar. I then added the MyAvatar’s Plug In and this plug in allows the MyBlogLog images to go with comments that users leave. So please leave a comment to see how this plug-in works. I also added my FuelMyBlog widget so you can vote for me on FMB.