Photo-A-Day #711 03/20/07

Bridge in Indiana

Today I demoed in Washington, IN. The demo went well and was for some people who really liked our product and have been users for years. I was able to show them a few things that they already have in there current system, this made them very happy. After that I drove from Washington to Indianapolis, IN.

This was one of the first times I drove from one time zone to another and I went from Central to Eastern Time. Indiana is weird because the way they split up the time zones, it is very arbitrary. Some towns have been in Central and switched back to Eastern. It is just so odd. I demoed in Jasper one year and it was in Central and the year after that I went back to the same place and it was in Eastern.

So, I was driving from Washington to Indianapolis and it was a long drive, mostly by fields and very uninteresting scenery. I then came to a steel framed bridge and took out my camera because I like how the bridge looks as I drive through it. Some of the image is out of focus because of the curve of the windshield.

I got to Indianapolis easy enough, but I was tired, very tired and losing a whole hour as I crossed that weird time zone line didn’t help. I do not have Internet Access in my room so I am using the business center and listening to my iPod and the Grammar Girl Podcasts. I don’t know if my grammar has improved a whole lot, but it is an interesting podcast.

I went to El Torito Grill and it was a decent meal. I had fajitas. The best thing was the tortillas; they were so light and thin like crepes and not thick and chewy like thin chewy pancakes. They also make guacamole at your table. I didn’t get that but I looked delicious.

Okay, one small pet peeve. In the Full Service Marriott you already know that I am annoyed that you have to pay for internet access but in addition to that you pay for 24 hours of internet access and it is from noon to noon. What! That makes no sense. The 24 hours should be an entire 24 hour period of time not noon to noon. They really cheat you out of Internet time using this model for billing. It makes me so mad. Luckily I was able to get online to do my Internet stuff tonight.

Well, I now have to set up for my demos tomorrow. I ended up staying at the wrong hotel this trip, everyone else is at a Fairfield Inn. How I missed that is beyond me. I would have rather stayed there for the, say it with me, Free Internet Access!

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  1. I don’t know who your wireless phone provider is, but you should consider Sprint or Verizon’s wireless internet plan. I don’t know what Verizon’s plan entails, but Sprint is $60/month unlimited. Definitely much cheaper than $10/day deals from hotels.

  2. Yes but I want free internet. I don’t pay for internet on my phone which is Verizon and is $40 a month for my phone, a Treo 650. Nope I want my free internet. I get it at the smaller Marriott properties and I want it from the big boys too.

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