Photo-A-Day #717 03/26/07

Sunrise at Logan Airport

Getting up in the early early morning has some benefits. Shorter lines at the airport, and occasionally I get a great sunrise to look at. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Photo contest on FuelMyBlog and the theme is “My Window on the World”. So that was my window on the world today and many other days. Maybe I should submit it.

On my flight today I got the chance to read some of my comic books that I got the other day. I read Transformers Spotlight: Soundwave, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Transformers Movie Prequel#2 and Gen 13 #6.

TF Spotlight Soundwave was interesting. It wasn’t great but I have seen all the TF Spotlight series starting to form a cohesive whole storyline. It was good to see Soundwave get his own book but I am never satisfied with the one shot format, there is never enough time to tell a great story. The one shot always leaves me wanted more to read.

Transformers Movie Prequel #2 was a good continuation of the first book. We find out how Megatron gets to earth and what happened to him when he arrived. We also meet Sam (Spike) Witwicky’s great, great, grandfather who was an explorer who saw too much. We also see the beginnings of the secret government organization that will be dealing with the Transformers. Only 99 days till the movie comes out and I can’t wait. I was re-reading TF Spotlight on my second flight and a guy got on and sat next to me and asked me if I was going to see the movie. I said heck yeah and we talked TF for a while. His mom threw out all his TFs back a while ago. Poor guy, I see that happen to so many people. So thanks for letting me store my collection Mom and Dad.

Gen 13#6 was the concluding arc of this new Gen 13 story. It was a re-telling of the origins of the Gen 13 kids. I’m not sure of the series is going to continue but I don’t think it was as good as the original.

Buffy the Vampire the Slayer: Season 8 #1 was awesome. It was written by Joss Whedon and it had his signature all over the thing. It had Buffy, Xander, and Dawn. Missing were Willow and Andrew and Giles, but they were talked about. And it looks like the big bad is someone that the scoobs have been in contact with before. I like many of the new slayers and the whole story was very interesting. It was the series that should have been made after the final season. I look forward to many more issues.

Once I landed in Duluth, a flight which was delayed but was the first flight that was allowed to land in 3 days. We were late because of fog. I don’t know much about Duluth so I didn’t realize how bad the fog could be. I guess I didn’t associate fog with the Midwest. But then I went downtown.

Fog in Duluth

This is what the city of Duluth looked like as I drove downtown. It was surreal seeing the bridges and buildings jutting out of the fog bank.

Fog covered bridge in Duluth

This was the view of one of the bridges in Canal Park from on top of the hills above the city.

I went downtown to Canal Park and walked around over some of the little bridges and saw how the fog rolled in and out of the city. So now I know why planes were unable to fly for 3 days, That is crazy.

Closer to the bridge

Here is a closer look at that bridge.

Ship docked near canal park.

There is still some ice on Lake Superior.

Coast Guard Ship in Fog

Coast guard ship before I had dinner.

Coast guard ship with no fog.

The same ship after dinner. The fog rolls in and out of this place like crazy.

Minnesota Slip Bridge

Minnesota Slip Bridge.

Fish sculpture at Minnesota Slip Bridge

Sculpture at Minnesota Slip Bridge.

After dinner at Famous Dave’s I went and saw TMNT.

TMNT poster

I was so blown away by how slick this movie was. The CGI was incredible. I have always followed the turtles in some way shape or form. I saw all the original movies and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is one of my all time guilty pleasures. I just love the fact that Donatello was voiced by Corey Feldman. Donatello was my absolute favorite character but he gets pushed to the background in the new movie. The new movie focuses much of the time between the two dominant characters in the group Raphael and Leonardo. I was never a fan of Michelangelo but I did enjoy his Tube grinding in this movie. But this was certainly about family and pulling the group of brothers together to beat a common enemy, a new enemy.

The movie also left an opening for a sequel and it if is made like this one it would eb fantastic. The fight scene on the rooftop in the rain was fantastic, it pushed the limits of what CGI can do and it was awesome. I am looking forward to getting this when it comes out on video.

When I returned from the movies I stopped at Coldstone Creamery because I have been so good lately and I got myself a little treat, strawberry ice cream with strawberries and white chocolate chips mixed in. Oh and I had them order and Oreo as well.

When I got back to my hotel room I got a great surprise in my e-mail. I got a comment today from Cali Lewis of on my blog Flatwater. It was on the post about the QuikPod. I recommend whole heartedly both the QuikPod and Cali Lewis’ podcast Subscribe to it on iTunes. And you can get a discount on the QuikPod through Cali’s blog.

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