Photo-A-Day #755 05/03/07

Today I worked from home and after work I started priming the new living room. I primed all of the molding around the room (even inside the closet). Tomorrow I anticipate that I can do all of the painting of the molding and do it early enough so it dries and I can tape it off so the walls and ceiling will be all ready to be primed and painted.

I enjoy painting, it is the prep work that is a pain in the neck, however if you don’t prep correctly then you will run into trouble as you go. I have already sanded down the walls and the molding and washed it (that was yesterday’s job). I had also taped off the floors and any of the hardware on the doors. When we are finished painting all we will need to do is give the floor a good washing and we will be ready to build the entertainment center that we got from IKEA and put that into the closet. Dad and I will wire the room for the surround sound system that Allison got me a couple years ago and we will also get the decorating going. The color we picked out for the room is called Shabby Shic and it is a tan, looks like a cup of Dunkin Dounuts coffee with extra extra. It is a very nice tan.

While I worked I listened to the podcast called the triple Feature. It is 3 web comic artist who draw movie related comics who talk once a week about movies. I am a few episodes behind and want to catch up so I am current. There is just so much stuff to be entertained by. I swear I will not catch up.

I took more pictures of the room, from each corner and I added them to a new Flickr Set called House Remodel. Here are the 4 corners of the room.

Primed Corner Shot 1 Primer Corner Shot 2
Corner Shot 3 Primed Corner Shot 4

You may notice a purple item on the book shelves in the middle of the room, that is my remote control van that has an iPod attachment. I listened though the speakers on the top of the van. It worked great.

I posted a few cool things on my other blogs today. My He Said recap of last nights Lost episode: The Brig, on Flatwater Tech I found out how to add the nifty Favicon to each of my blogs. I also have Joost invites if anyone wants them, drop me a comment and I’ll send you one. I sent one to Elizabeth this morning. And I even updated The Wired Kayaker with a post about My Rack. And back to BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo with some fun tidbits of information. But you would know all this and more if you were subscribed to the BenSpark Superfeed. Check out the animated header on the top left sidebar to subscribe.

also I will do more with this tomorrow but I have almost put all the finishing touches on Project M.M.M., check it out and sign up for the blog roll and get yourself an icon for your blog. First go round will be this Monday.

I also made it into the top 10 for the blog for a year contest. Please continue to vote for me every day.

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