Photo-A-Day #768 05/16/07


I won the One for Me One for You contest by Christine. so don’t expect any more annoying e-mails from me to remind you to vote. I am really happy with the number of votes I ended up with and how they came together on a last ditch effort to pull out the win. I thank everyone who helped me out with votes. There were some people in Blog Catalog who helped me out and I wanted to link to them to show them some linky love. They were Chris at Wampango, Steve at Cymru66, mindCatching Design, 7 Confessions, VeggieBlogs and Elizabeth.

I cannot forget that my friend Maureen put up a great post to help me win this contest. I overlooked that and I know that it brought me many votes, I am a bad friend. I hope that we’re not In a fight.

One of my photos was featured on the WallHogs blog again. This time it was Marcia and Dan’s cat Clyde. This was a photo I took around Easter, I think. It is recent.

Tonight I met up with Neil and Derek at Box Seats. We had a great time catching up and everything. They are funny guys. I think we need to do this more often. As promised guys, the photos made the blog.

Photo-A-Day #768b 05/16/07
Neil, Derek and I at Box Seats, shot with my QuikPod

Photo-A-Day #768c 05/16/07
Me at Box Seats, shot with my QuikPod.

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #768 05/16/07”

  1. we might just be in a fight, mr. drew.


    i’ll get over it…congratulations on your big win!! i hope you are happy with alton!

  2. In a fight, why is that Mo? Oh wait I know, come back to check out the post. I fixed it to add something special.

  3. all is now forgiven. you almost made it to “the list” but i decided life is too short to worry about the little things…thanks for the numerous plugs you give me on the benspark all the time:)

    have a lovely, fight-free weekend!!!

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