Photo-A-Day #778 05/26/07

Allison and I are on the Cape this weekend. This is our first trip down for the summer. We visited with my grandparents this afternoon. I did my job as family technical support and fixed the computer and hooked up a DVD player. It was nice to go over and visit.

Before that we did some shopping at the supermarket and I did my first Wild Release. I dropped the book into a shopping cart int he cart corral. When I went back hours later it was still there even though the carts were across the parking lot and no longer in the corral. I was able to post that blog post at Grandpa and Grandma’s along with my Saturday Photo Hunt Photo.

We had a nice cook out with Mom and Dad and I picked up some Buffalo Hot Sauce Cheddar cheese that really kicked up the burgers. I read a book that we got from Dan and Marcia called “The Conch That Roared” it was the story of Key West’s secession from the Union, the formation of the Conch Republic and their declaration of war on the United States. Key West is a rather bizarre place but they have a sense of humor.

I took a couple more pictures around the house today. Here are the Photo-A-Day Bonus Shots.

Photo-A-Day #778b 05/26/07
Dad doing some maintenance on the flower boxes

Photo-A-Day #778c 05/26/07
Rhododendron Bushes are going to bloom soon.

Photo-A-Day #778d 05/26/07
It’s just a bunny. But he’s got huge fangs and laser eyes!