Photo-A-Day #786 06/03/07

Kayaking on Long Pond

This morning Dad and I took the kayaks out onto Long Pond in Falmouth. We had dark and imposing skies throughout the paddle but no rain came down. And when we were finished the sky looked much better and the sun came out. It was really tough to leave the Cape today.

But tomorrow we get to see the Baby. We are very excited.

We stopped over and visited Grandma and Grandpa. Then we headed home and stopped off at The Courtyard for a snack and Somerset Creamery for some ice cream. You can’t miss a chance to go for Somerset Creamery, their ice cream is great.

Stopped also at the Target and saw the new Transformers Movie Toys, there are some great ones out there now including the set of Real gear transformers that are things like binoculars and camcorders and whatnot, those are some great toys for the kids. This is the month when I am going to see the movie, TWICE in one night. I have tickets for a 7:30 show and a 10:30 show on June 28th. One for for a donation to some Rhode Island charities and the other is through Botcon, which aslso is for raising money for Rhode Island Charities. I cannot wait. Allison and I are going to the first one with my friend John and his wife, Chris. It is gonna be a great night.

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #786 06/03/07”

  1. Really enjoying your blog. You’ve inspired me to post more of my photographs. nice work here. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jon, glad you enjoy the photos. I’ve found blogging to be a great way to share photos with people, I look forward to the photos that you post.

  3. This reminds me of when I used to go kayaking around Pt. Reyes, CA when I lived a lot closer. It’s so much fun! Keep up the good photography.

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