Photo-A-Day #788 06/05/07

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Todays photo is of a baby squirrel in a nest in our backyard. My sister was in the back yard and she shouted up to me for binoculars, I guess there are some squirrels as well as a family of woodpeckers out in the big backyard tree. Both families have made homes in some of the places where branches have snapped off in big wind storms.

Momma squirrel went out to find so food and the two babies kept poking their heads out, that was until I went and tried to get their photos. I slipped the telephoto lens on my camera, I haven’t had much use for it so I’ve had the regular lens on the camera. I am in need of a tripod. The lens is very long and there is some camera shake that would be corrected with a tripod. Well, I ended up getting another shot, this one of the momma squirrel.

Photo-A-Day #788b 06/05/07

I also got a shot of Oliver, who usurped Duncan’s spot from yesterday.

Photo-A-Day #788c 06/05/07

We are a step closer to getting our dining room completed. Dad and I moved out the corner desk and Allison’s old recliner. Now we just need to get rid of the squeaky swivel chair and the old entertainment center. Then I can get the room prepped for painting.

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  1. Thanks Karen, I didn’t see the hand until you pointed it out. You can only see a tiny bit of the squirrel’s head and black eye in the bottom left of the crack.

  2. Hi Drew, thanks for the review and the feed, i will add your link to my site and your feed , are you happy to exchange?

    Cheers Mark

  3. Hi Mark, Today has been crazy busy. Thanks for the link to my blog. I have only permanently link to people who are hosting my Photo-A-Day widget. (I know that sounds snobby and I in no way mean it to be so, it is a policy I had to adopt.) I will certainly write a blog review of your blog because I really like it. I understand that if you do not want to host the widget and you want to take my link down that is okay. I’ll still write up a blog review because I really like your photos. Thanks so much.

  4. Awww how cute. I can not wait to get to my new house in KY so that I can have all kinds of cute wildlife in my back yard. All I have here in fl are mosiqutos, lizards, and alligators

  5. Hi tiffany, thanks for visiting my blog. I bet Ollie would love chasing lizards, gators not so much.

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