Photo-A-Day #791 06/08/07

Here is the photo I took of the weather vane that is in our garden at the cape. It was a gift from Allison’s parents to my parents. I was laying down on the patio to get this shot. I just wish the sky was much more attractive. Unfortunately with a beautiful blue sky all the way to the Cape we were greeted with gloomy skies when we came over the bridge. But never fear.

Photo-A-Day #791 - Edited 06/08/07

I can conjure up beautiful wispy cloud skies whenever I want.

This photo was digitally manipulated to add in a blue sky and clouds. That disclaimer was for my friend Andy. He is a funny guy, especially when he gets fired up and he is fired up about certain digital images not being art. If you aren’t reading the comments regularly you are missing out on some good stuff, especially from Andy. I’ll be taking some photos at SB3 and we shall see what I do with them and my PhotoShop program, muwahhahaha!

I got a very interesting comment today from Chris at He offered me one of his geek t shirts free in exchange for a link to on this blog. Well heck that is a great deal, thanks Chris. I will write a full on post when my T-Shirt arrives and I even picked out a second T-Shirt to wear. Chris you should send a comment to Cali Lewis of, she always wears great t-Shirts on her podcast. I am also offering to wear T-Shirts during my Wired Kayaker Podcast (I have footage for episode 3 but didn’t get to kayak at all this past week.)

We are about to enter the second week of eligibility for the BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest. There are only four entrants so far. And there are three great prizes up for grabs. You have nothing to lose by participating. I know that there are more readers who are more readers who would be interested in getting a free home Soda Maker from Soda-Club. Go ahead enter the contest.

And speaking of Contests, Allison is hosting a contest at Sparky’s View (prize TBD) for person who has the closest guess in the Baby BenSpark pool. Give it your best guess.

Looks like I may get a trip to Ireland in July. That would be sweet, Galway and Dublin look like to be where I will be going to demo. I am very excited to be going back to Ireland and will most certainly be bringing my camera(s) on that trip. Very excited indeed.

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #791 06/08/07”

  1. Hey, Drew, can you work some of that magic on the sky over Fraser Field in Lynn tonight? We have tickets for a North Shore Spirit (independent CanAm League) game, and the weather is not looking promising.

    Nice work with that photo! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure if I could. Andy may not approve. However I hope that you are not rained out. That would not be any fun. Here on the Cape the weather has been iffy all day but no major rains.

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