Photo-A-Day #837 07/24/07


Between today and yesterday Dad and I had a lot to do to get the dining room ready. So now it is all primed and ready to go for paint. So tomorrow night I will most likely be painting the room. And a day later I will get the trim painted and we need one more window because the factory screwed up the new windows. After that we’ll be buffing out the floor and then move everything into that room so we can get another room done. It is a giant jigsaw puzzle that we need to put together before another piece enters our family.

Very busy day today with the painting and a demo out in Westfield, MA. So I missed posting a Tech Tuesday message over at the FuelMyBlog Blog. I will have to post something later this week as I have another big demo tomorrow, and obviously, more painting to get done.

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #837 07/24/07”

  1. Go Drew….I am still voting…but, I don’t see your picture yet in the top 7…..I am a tryin’ my best to get you there!!

  2. Thanks for the votes, I’m slowly getting pushed out of the top ten however, got some real powerhouses ahead of me.

  3. Ok

    Looks like you’ve got a little remodelers fatigue goin on in that pic. Time to clean up that room, sit back,have a beer and hire some day laborers to finish the job. Then you ca get back to takin some pictures!

    Oh yeah, that ceiling fan has gotto go!

  4. Day laborers? Get rid of the fan? You’ve been watching to much Flip this House and other HGTV shows my friend. The fan is the first thing they get rid of. I like the fan personally. No need to hire outside help either. Just a bit tired, but will have the room put back together soon. Almost finished. It is more satisfying to do these things myself anyway.

    I checked out your blog, looks like a great resource, I’ll be visiting again. Thanks for the comment and visit.

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