Photo-A-Day #839 07/26/07

V8 Grill

Tonight Allison and I went to the neighborhood/town Block Party. It is held right down the street from our house so we just walked on down when Allison got home. At the Block Party there are all different events like the restaurants putting out their food, Karate Studios giving demonstrations and older vets selling tickets to win an American Flag. There is a real touch of America and down home-ness to the Block Party. There are also bunches of older or suped up cars to see. I love taking photos of the old cars and started focusing more on them as abstract rather than the car as a whole.

Today I also got Allison’s car inspected and had a few things fixed. We are also checking to make sure that we have a latch system for the baby car seat. We didn’t have one but we have two on order to be installed next week. Te parts are free but we are waiting to hear if installation is also free. That is a pretty good service seeing as a quick trip to get the inspection cost 10X what I expected. Lovely.

I finally got a chance to post up this week’s Tech Tuesday with BenSpark over on the FuelMyBlog Blog, I had no time to do it earlier this week. This week’s post is all about tagging and geotagging your images. Make sure you check out this video to see the importance of both tagging and geotagging your images.

All of my Pownce invites are gone. Leave me a comment and when I get more I can send one to you. Also I started uploading some of my best photos to Zooomr. If you don’t have a Zooomr account yet, you should get one. Allison just got one and so did my friend Meaghan. It is free with unlimited uploading.

Here are some more photos from the Block Party

Photo-A-Day #839b 07/26/07 Photo-A-Day #839c 07/26/07 Photo-A-Day #839d 07/26/07
Chevy Impala Ford Logo Big Engine
Grill of a V8 Gonna Get Paid Grill
V8 Grill V8 Grill Corvette
North Attleboro Police Car

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