Photo-A-Day #846 08/02/07

Mr. Splish and Splash

Today I worked from home, forgot to sign in when I work up. Didn’t realize till 9:30 after I had been working away for two hours. I also had to sign out for some time to go and get the LATCH system installed in Allison’s car.

I’ve learned a lot about the LATCH system, wish I had learned it before January 8, 2007 because that was the last time when it could have been installed for free. LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren. As of 2001 all cars were required to have this installed. Allison’s car is a 2002 so I have no idea why it wasn’t installed. Either way we missed the boa on getting it free. Next time I have to bring her car in however I’m brining my laptop to do work because the VW place has free wireless Internet. That would have been helpful. Oh well, I passed the time by catching up on some of my downloaded podcasts.

On my way back I stopped over at the World War 1 memorial park to take a couple of pictures for Photo-A-Day. With people commenting on my photos because of the contest I need to give them something great to look at. I think I captured a pretty cool moment with the duck today. I nicknamed this guy Mr. Splish and Splash because he tore all around the little pond. I was able to catch a couple where he wasn’t so spastic, and a couple where he was.

Photo-A-Day #846c 08/02/07 No Pictures! Photo-A-Day #846b 08/02/07

Did you know that I started my August contest last night? I did and it is really different and I hope fun. I have a couple of people already participating and hope to get many more. There is no voting, but there is a bunch of point collecting. You can get points from nearly anything. For instance you can get about 35 or 40 points in conjunction with this one post. Marsha, Mo, Laurie and Christine have already thrown down the gauntlet and are fired up for earning points for BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. BTW Stephen the Dog also let me know what he thinks about the contest. No biscuit for him.

8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #846 08/02/07”

  1. I love the quack-duck pics!

    That is strange about the LATCH thing. We had one in our 1999 Ford Escort. Never used it, but it was there. We’d bought that car used, so maybe the person who owned it before we did had it installed.

    I think you should have gotten yours for free, because someone forgot to obey the law.

  2. This is one of my favorite photos ever!! I seriously need to spend some quality time with my camera…I want to do fun stuff like this!!

    It’s quacktastic!!!

  3. Hi Christine, I will most likely get more facts on this and write a letter to VW of USA. That should have already been there if I read the laws correctly.

    Glad you liked the duck photos.

  4. I have been doing some fun stuff each day lately, I really am trying to step up my photography and improve my skills. Seeing as I already have some mad wolverine hunting skills and online skills too.

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