Photo-A-Day #847 08/03/07

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Today was a hot one, and muggy as well. I’m here at the Cape and I’m still sweating. It is supposed to be cooler down here. Oh well. Spent quite a bit of time on in traffic today as well. So before we left for the Cape I snapped these shots of a couple of dragonflies that were buzzing around the yard.

Photo-A-Day #847c 08/03/07 Photo-A-Day #847b 08/03/07

We had some great Paul’s Pizza for dinner and I set up Dad’s ComCast Internet at the house. It is set up on my computer, now I have to get it fixed up on his. Are you interesting in Winning a free Flickr or Zoomer Pro account plus a $25.00 gift certificate to Kodak online? Then you should be playing BenSpark’s August Add it Up Contest. If you sign up today You can leave a comment on the Rules post and get 5 points, leave a comment on this post and get 5 points. Leave a comment on the Photo-A-Day image at Buzznet and Flickr get 5 more points for each photo. And see those other small photos, click those and leave a comment on each one and get 5 points for each photo. There are so many ways to earn points, and if you tell me other ways that points can be earned you not only help your score but you also help build community on this and your own blog.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #847 08/03/07”

  1. Yanno, in all of the years I’ve lived here, I have NEVER been to the Cape. Mike complains about the traffic jams too much (yeah, as it wasn’t bad enough going up to Maine…LOL).

    We might do it for a post-Labor day weekend trip, though…I keep nagging him about it, maybe he’ll agree just to shut me up!

    I love dragonflies. I have more than a few rubber stamps of them that I use on cards and all. I also remember going canoeing near Moosehead Lake and seeing them out and about. Very nice pic.

  2. Moosehead lake was where I proposed to Allison, at Lily bay state park. Whenever the Chronicle episode comes on about Moosehead they always show the boat landing at Lily Bay State park and that was where I proposed. Here is that post if you were ever curious about that story.

    And if you like Dragonflies I was inspired by the green fingered Photographer. Mark is awesome.

    5 Points. Spread the word.

  3. Thanks Mo,

    I love how dragonflies look, they are so cool. I wasn’t a GG fan so I don’t know the connection.

    5 points. Spread the Word.

  4. Lovely photo, the background is just perfect. Is there any chance you could reply to this post and let us know what equipment was used. I don’t have much luck with macro photography but as a beginner I look forward to the day I can produce such quality.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    The equipment I used was, Tripod (a must have for macro) A Nikon D80 DSLR and a Sigma 70mm-300mm with macro at 200mm-300mm. Glad you liked it.

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