Photo-A-Day #855 08/11/07

proud momma at IKEA

Today was a long and exhaustive day but we were very productive and good consumers. We started the day on a trip to IKEA. We love the place and have been about 4 or 5 times now. Today we hit it for breakfast, and it does a decent little meal for $1.99. We got there for 9:30 because that is when the cafe opens and we would be there and in an out to beat the mad rush of the Mass State Tax Holiday. Yeah we took full advantage of that today.

At IKEA we picked up the baby’s crib, that is it next to Allison. Isn’t see a beautiful pregnant woman. We are so excited. We also picked up a small dresser as well as a mattress for the crib. We picked up curtains for the dining room and a bunch of other things, you can’t leave IKEA without “a bunch of other things”.

After IKEA we came home and both took little catnaps, shopping can be tiring especially in a large place like IKEA. After the nap we went to Target and got curtains for the living room and looked for covers for the switch plates and wall sockets. We have some really nice ones in the bedroom and want to carry the theme throughout the house.

Target was pretty much in and out. Then we went over to Best Buy and picked out a Washer and Dryer. We got some Whirlpool appliances and they are being delivered next month (our choice, why take up more space in our place instead bring have the warehouse deliver them when we are closer to needing them.

By purchasing a set of Whirlpool appliances we also got a $100 gift card and decided to get a new printer. Our old printer works pretty well as a printer but when we looked at buying ink cartridges to replace them we figured that a whole new printer with more advanced tech would be the better choice.

What to do with the old printer. I think I will try and sell it on my company intranet. And I think I will sell the small photo printer as well. The new printer can do photos at full 8X10 as well as many smaller sizes. It also has slots for memory cards for automatic printing.

When we were all done we went to Box Seats for a nice meal at 4:00pm. I felt 82. But a big meal in the late afternoon has held me over till this evening. After that I started moving some things from the front hall to the dining room. That is after I took pictures of the room for my grandmother. We have her old table as our dining room table. It is huge and solid and has 3 leaves. We got some nice chair pads at IKEA and a table runner so we set up the room so we could show her photos.

It is a bit late for me today to do the updates to the contest. I still have to prepost my Green thumb Sunday submission. I will try and update tomorrow but most likely will update Monday because tomorrow is going to be a day for many photos.

12 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #855 08/11/07”

  1. I liked the meatballs on the first trip. After that I wasn’t a fan. Oh well they do have other tasty things too. Allison loves the Swedish meatballs though.

  2. OMG!!! Your baby mama!!! I haven’t seen any recent pictures!!! Allison you look AWESOME!!! Baby shopping has to be so fun…I’m so happy you had a nice productive day (and didn’t have to pay state taxes!!)! That crib is adorable:) What a fun picture!!!

  3. Sheesh I could’ve never had a day like that! That is a killer day. Of course, now we want to see that dining room table!

    Anna lives less than half a mile from an Ikea. Can you imagine?
    But Ikea has a lousy gift card policy (it requires you to know 8 weeks in advance that you need a last minute gift certificate). Last time I checked, Ikea was not shipping to my corner of Vermont (“no service” it said!). That pissed me off so now I think twice before buying from them. There is something about Ikea (to me) that is a bit too much Microsoft.

  4. I didn’t know about the gift card policy, that sounds a little ridiculous. Who knows these things 8 weeks out.

  5. IKEA is about to be our friend too when we move into the new house. Isn’t it like an all day adventure? It’s crazy. I really do love that place.

    Your wife does look beautiful– I bet you are so excited!

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