Photo-A-Day #867 08/23/07

Barbed Wire

In keeping with Stephen the Dog’s request the other day I decided to stop on the side of the road and quickly take some photos of barbed wire, that has to be dangerous. Well, I was on a lightly traveled country road with my hazards on and far enough away from the dangerous barbed wire to photograph, but man that is looking danger in its face. Stephen you should be proud.

I also took a ton of other photos and have uploaded the cropped ones to Flickr and the full size ones to Zooomr. I will add them to this post tomorrow. Tonight we have to head to the airport to pick up Allison’s mother.

We picked up Marcia at 11:00pm. Got home and went to bed. Here are the rest of the photos I took yesterday.

Photo-A-Day #867b 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867c 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867d 08/23/07
Photo-A-Day #867e 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867f 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867g 08/23/07
Photo-A-Day #867h 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867i 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867j 08/23/07
Photo-A-Day #867k 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867l 08/23/07 Photo-A-Day #867m 08/23/07

Contest Update.
Leaders…. Lisa retakes the lead after been the person who got me the most votes on the Super Bowl contest, I didn’t win but she had many people vote for me and leave comments to that fact. So for that she got 50 points. But Mo is right behind her with a 5 point margin.

Middle Name Meme…. I was tagged by Scott over at Scottpot with the Middle Name Meme and in it he gave certain conditions for the people he tagged to participate, the first person to do the meme and let him know in Swamble would win Swamble Swag. I was that winner. So, when I did the meme I put up 25 points to the first person to do the meme and tag 5 of my photos in Zooomr as favorites. Mo was the first to do that.

Her post about the game getting kicked up a notch was awesome. You can earn 10 points for commenting on her post. Mo got 25 points for being the first person to do the meme.

However, I tagged each person in BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. And While you can’t win the 25 points you can win 5 points for doing the Middle Name Meme (and if you have already done it add a link to me on the existing post and 5 points are yours) and 5 points if you faved 5 of my photos in Zooomr (just click the little heart above the photo and it is faved, let me know which ones you faved in a comment on this post).

I also posted a message about the contest that is coming next month. I’m once again partnering with the good folks at XShot to do a giveaway, except this time the giveaway is cold hard cash to 3 lucky owners of XShots who submit the most unique photos taken with their XShots. And this is relevant to this month’s contest participants because a post about the upcoming contest nets you a solid 100 points.

And I am offering you the chance to make 10 points for a comment on Christine’s Blog post about some baby slings that Allison and I modeled for her and got to keep. Christine gets 10 points for posting the post too.

Remember: Photos posted from the 17th of August through today are fair game for 5 point comments. Join the dialog.

and don’t forget to vote for your favorite photo in the Add It up Photo contest. That ends tomorrow at 12:00 noon EST.

16 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #867 08/23/07”

  1. The barbed wire is VERY different! No bees or flowers anywhere…your showing your masculine side of photography…kudos!!

  2. Well, I would have been the first if I wouldn’t keep losing power! I will try and comment and do what I can today, but my basement is flooding as we speak. We got nailed with 80 mph winds yesterday and I am currently watching another storm come in, so I may lose power again 🙁

  3. That is okay Anna, I can enter you in the contest, There may not be enough point left out there for 1st place but I think there may be a possibility of closing in on 3rd if you are determined.

    Glad you liked the barbed wire. I thought is made for a fairly cool photo today.

  4. Thanks Mo, I guess I am diverse, however most of the other photos are of bees and flowers. I just like taking photos of them.

  5. Lisa, I am sorry to hear about the flooding in your basement, that is terrible. I hope that you didn’t lose much because of it. Be careful, contest points are not worth it. It must be very frustrating with the power being lost over and over. Stay safe.

  6. I think Lisa should get bonus points for participating in the contest while her basement floods and she loses power. That is dedication. I only last 3 days in the contest.

    Maybe she could write a post about how much she looks forward to the photo a day during this difficult time. I know sometimes I take the photo a day for granted. It is like the sun rising.

    Tomorrow hopefully we will get a picture of a knife or even better a chainsaw. How about guys cutting down a tree. That would rule.

  7. Very nice photo with the dark red and blue colors. I always have a hard time taking macro shots because I don’t know where I should concentrate my focus. Well done!

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