Photo-A-Day #892 09/17/07

Window Decoration

Today is Monday and it is Macro Monday. I figured I would use the Photo-A-Day image for Macro Mondays as well. The theme this week was Stick it up. Macros of things that stick like stickers and other items. Here are my other ones.

Photo-A-Day #892b 09/17/07 Photo-A-Day #892c 09/17/07
Photo-A-Day #892d 09/17/07 Photo-A-Day #892e 09/17/07

So today after a few months I am back in my own desk. No longer am I jammed between two other folks. I actually have a phone back and now it is time to reassemble the desk that was amazing. I started emptying the boxes. I have a ton of them. And tomorrow I should be pretty close to finishing the whole thing tomorrow and I’ll post up some photos. It is going to be crazy.

This is going to be a very busy week. Tomorrow we have a class and on Thursday we have a class as well. So late nights and busy times. Next week is more of the same.

Tonight was a good night at the house, I hit the gym for a little workout and then had some delicious pork chops, steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes and homemade apple sauce. Then we caught up on the last two episodes of Eureka and Burn Notice that we hadn’t watched. We’re all ready for the 2 hour season finale of Burn Notice this Thursday. Not sure when Eureka’s season is over but that will be soon. There is one episode which I am guessing was very pivotal this past season. We missed it but I will watch it online.

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