Photo-A-Day #899 09/24/07

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Today is Macro Monday and I am making the Photo-a-day do double duty. I took photos of my gear. The only gear I have with me most of the time is my photography gear. So I took this macro of my lens. I also took one of my Gorillapod, XShot, GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr and my Tiffen Filter.

Photo-A-Day #899b 09/24/07 Photo-A-Day #899c 09/24/07 Photo-A-Day #899d 09/24/07 Photo-A-Day #899e 09/24/07

Today I have been so tired because I was out so late last night, it was my own fault but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, save maybe the early arrival of Baby BenSpark. It was tough towards the end of the day. I think that around 2:45 all those energy drinks ended up making me crash hard a day later. I think that put me in my bad mood.

I still can’t for the life of me figure out who had called but I am sorry for being rude and making you hang up whoever you were unless of course you were a telemarketer. Then I am not sorry and you shouldn’t have called in the first place.

Tonight Allison and I went to home depot to pick out some features and fixtures for our bathroom. We did a pretty good job but any patience and sanity we both had left today was short lived. We were fine but tired and sick of deciding and looking around. We missed Heroes and I had to use the desktop tonight so I missed CSI Miami. So the new TV season is not starting to well for me. I’m already behind.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #899 09/24/07”

  1. I’m behind too! I think it was a bad day for tv addicts!! My cable box was all messed up and I got nothing…no HIMYM…no 2 1/2 men…no Chuck…a smidgen of heroes…and I didn’t even bother with Journeymen. I spent an hour on the phone with the cable company and that was NO fun!!

    I hope your Tuesday is MUCH better!!

  2. Tuesday won’t be that different, we are off to baby class for infant and family CPR. While that is extremely important we will be even further behind. Tonight we will be taping Bones, and Eureka.

  3. I just gave up entirely tonight. It’s not a Tuesday night without Gilmore Girls. Perhaps I’ll just start watching the DVD’s on Tuesdays now!! It’s all good because the Sox were on and the Sox won:)

  4. I didn’t know it was on again Saturday!!! You just made my day…and I heard from a very reliable source that Chuck is laugh out loud funny…and that’s on right after on Saturday.

    Are you still amazed at what gets me happy?? I am…saddened really! Ha!

  5. Mo, I didn’t know it was on Saturday, I just meant that we would watch it on Tape on Saturday. But lucky for me the show is actually on this Saturday at 8:00 and then Chuck is on, I wanted to tape chuck. We are going to have 2 vcrs going all season I think. I’m glad that you are happy I wouldn’t have wanted to get your hopes up for nothing. Lucky for me.

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