Photo-A-Day #905 09/30/07

Weekends like this are great. Allison and I only had to work on our home for two days and in her pregnant state being able to do a little project, rest and do another project was great. We made a good deal of progress in my opinion. We washed a ton of clothes, bedding and other items needed for a baby. We also caught up on most of the shows that we taped last week. We have a couple more to go but should be good for the start of this week.

The photo today is of the crib, the bedding and the blanket and stuff has all been washed. And yes we know that the baby doesn’t get a blanket until the baby is older. It is in there right now so that when anyone visits it looks pretty and all. We also picked up a bunch of our stuff that was left on the registry at Babies R Us. We were going to go to Target but I couldn’t take any more shopping. And I know when I have had enough. I’ll go to Target tomorrow. Later in the afternoon I did some prep work on the bathroom. Nothing major just tearing up some floor but that took a while. Since I was dismantling my Dad’s work it was going to take longer because he builds things to last.

On a weekend like this things slip thought the cracks. Well, at least on this blog they do… On Friday night Allison and I went to visit our friends Neil and Andrea. We hadn’t seen them in a while and went over with some American Chop Suey for them. On Thursday after work I boiled all the pasta, then that night Allison browned the meat and added the sauce. With all our late nights last week we forgot to mention much about that night. I meant to add more about Friday on the Photo-A-Day Post but didn’t get a chance to get back to it. Anyway, we wanted to say that we were very glad to see that Andrea and Neil were doing well. Of course they will most likely see us before we see them, but either way we look forward to seeing them again.

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  1. We are pretty excited about it. There are some more things to get like shades and drapes and stuff like that and a cute little rug that is shaped like Winnie-The-Pooh.

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