Photo-A-Day #916 10/11/07

Today started with a trip to Jaec’s for some Internet access. That was a bit of a time waste as Jaec’s router wasn’t working so good and needed to be unplugged and then plugged back in. I waited about 45 minutes till someone came in that knew what they needed to do. So I rushed the post from earlier today. I got the photos posted and here are quite a few more.

Mom and baby Eva are doing wonderful. They are bonding so well and Eva is a joy and wonder to all who meet her. We come home tomorrow after 1:00pm. We can’t wait for Baby Eva to come home with us. And of course introduce her to Oliver and Duncan. We’ve been bringing clothes and blankets that Eva has been touching so the cats get her scent and accept her, we shall see how that goes.

We had many great visitors yesterday and today. Each one gets a photo taken when they hold little Eva. And all have been very cooperative about having their photo taken to get their hands on this little sweetie. I’m really becoming much more adept at holding her and changing her diapers. Allison also make everything with Eva look easy so I have a lot to live up to.

I had a bunch of photos to upload but after I edited them they all came up as the same one. It is much to late to do that again so no new ones till tomorrow. Except for today’s PAD.

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  1. She gets more adorable by the hour!! Such a cute photo! I’m glad you get to go home today-be safe and happy!!

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