Photo-A-Day #924 10/19/07

Today Allison’s friend Ian came over for a visit. He brought us a very thoughtful gift and spent time with us. We had lunch from SoupWorks. It was a pretty nice lunch. The Lobster Bisque is a very tasty soup.

This morning I kept pretty busy online, my flight to Las Vegas and my hotels are all set for Blog World Expo and PostieCon. This should be an great time. But I know I am going to miss the little munchkin.

The bathroom is coming along. I have to paint the walls a third time so we will see if this magical paint lives up to its name eventually. I doubt it will but what the heck I’ll give it a shot. Dad took care of the tile and that is pretty much all set. So more painting and installing the appliances and we should be pretty good to go.

Tonight Allison’s Mom arrived from Florida. She had some delays but finally arrived. We were going to take Eva with us so that Marcia could see her right away. The weather was insane though so Allison and Eva stayed home. I flew down to the airport and felt my car handle much better than it had in such a long time. With the road pretty open it felt like I was riding tightly to the road as if I was driving some slot cars on a track.

Luckily the weather didn’t delay the landing too much and I got Marcia and we headed home. Here are some photos from Marcia meeting Eva for the first time.

Photo-A-Day #924b 10/19/07

Photo-A-Day #924c 10/19/07

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #924 10/19/07”

  1. I love this, daily news and updates. I’m in New Haven and the rain hasn’t been half as bad as the crazy Connecticut weatherman said it would be. I even got a photowalk in at New Haven Harbor!

    Allison and mom look so much alike. Eva is already growing.

  2. A Photowalk in New Haven sounds very cool. I saw a few photos that you just put up. You must have just just caught this blog post because I just just posted the photos. Glad you like the updates. I may make the other blog Read To Me, Dad more about our life with Eva. Eventually photos of the baby are going to have to go back to photos of everyday things.

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