Photo-A-Day #929 10/24/07

I went back to work today. It sure was a shock waking up at 5:30am and getting showered and ready to go to work. I ended up falling back asleep and waking back up at 5:50am. I got dressed in a hurry and was out the door. After not commuting for a week I certainly didn’t miss that. But it was nice to get into the office and see everyone. They were very excited about seeing baby photos. I loaded them onto my Zune so I could share them easily.

During the day Dad installed the new toilet and fixed the other one. Sweet. The color in the back bathroom finally came out pretty well. So that was cool too. Here is a photo of the tile, toilet and wall color. That bathroom is going to have a beach theme. So sand for the floor and Dark Lime for the wall color, all appliances are white and so is all the trim.

Photo-A-Day #929d 10/24/07

Today Allison and her mom did some cleaning around the house and went out to do some shopping. The place looked really nice when I got home. I think we’ll keep Mimi Marcia around for a while.

Tonight we had a visit from Mrs. K. She brought a couple of very nice gifts for Eva including a Go & Grow Rider. That will be a fun toy for Eva to scoot around on. My mom took a nice picture of me and Eva.

Photo-A-Day #929c 10/24/07

I took one of Eva too. I propped her up between the cushions on the love seat. She was starting to droop a bit.

Photo-A-Day #929b 10/24/07

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