Photo-A-Day #933 10/28/07

Today Allison and I took Eva to church. We dressed her with her new Pumpkin Hat from our friend Nancy. Our friend Stephen the Dog’s A is Nancy’s son. She sent us this beautiful Pumpkin hat and I was very excited to have Eva wear it. I love Halloween and I love getting Eva dressed up for the holiday. She looked so cute.

Photo-A-Day #933g 10/28/07

Marcia and Allison and I started working on the front room, getting some things sorted and cleared out. We had a bunch of stuffed animals that we got rid of, Eva already has a ton of them and some of our old ones needed to find new homes. Then I went shopping and I have to mention this because I save $14.00 using coupons at CVS. Those extra bucks add up and when I need to stock up on a few things reading the sale papers is a smart thing to do.

This afternoon Dot and Paul came to visit as did my Aunt Donna, Cousin Carissa and Caryn. Everyone got to hold the baby even Caryn. Dot did but I wasn’t holding my camera at the time and I missed Aunt Donna too. I must be slipping. You can see the photos on Flickr, I added them to the Baby Eva set.

I just found out that my PR went up for this blog. Wow, I am surprised, and happy. It is something I don’t obsess over but when I noticed it I was pleased. Thanks to everyone who visits and hosts Photo-A-Day and leaves comments I appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #933 10/28/07”

  1. Eva looks so cute in her pumpkin hat!

    I love our CVS Extra care cards…we get all sorts of great money-off coupons for using the card. We can’t use them for Mike’s scrips, but we can use them for other stuff.

    Congrats on the PR hike. I was rewarded, as well. Ailurophile is still PR4, C-M Dot Net, is still 3. But FenwayFaithful went up to 4, and my other two blogs that had no PR went to a 3 and 2.

    Oh, and I got my prize for the XShot contest yesterday, as well as your nice thank you note for the baby gift. Thanks again for the contest and the prize, I will be blogging again about it!

  2. Glad you got both the thank you and the prize from the contest. I have a couple more contests in the works.

    The PR for wired kayaker went down, but flat-water went up. Boogaloo stayed the same though. Even Read to me, dad went to 2. And ti has 4 posts so far. Watch for that blog it is the one that will be getting a major makeover because of the David Airey contest winnings.

  3. That is awesome Barry. Enjoy this time together before the baby comes. It is a good time and once the baby comes it is an amazing time but make sure that you enjoy your time now as well.

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