Photo-A-Day #939 11/03/07

Today Eva decided that she was going to hand out my business cards that I made up for Blog World Expo. When Andy and Rondi came over to visit Andy held her and gave her one of my business cards to play with her reflexes. It looked so cute with her holding the card.

Photo-A-Day #939b 11/03/07

Eva and Allison spent some bonding time together.

Photo-A-Day #939c 11/03/07

Today I worked very hard on a review that has been a long time coming. The review is for the GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢. This is a device I have mentioned many many times but have finally tested it enough times for my satisfaction to give you the best possible review of an amazing product that I use whenever I go for a photowalk.

I’ve been checking on the progress of the Blog America Tour that Ted, Travis and Ashley from IZEA are doing. They are driving from Orlando to Las Vegas to Blog World Expo and PostieCon. Along the way they are meeting with Posties and showing them samples of Argus. They are also collecting canned goods and distributing them to Food Banks along the way. I haven’t noticed much being said about the good work that IZEA is doing. Must not make for good link baiting I guess. You know, when people do good things no one really takes notice. I am proud of the good that IZEA does. As a Postie I even have the option to donate my fee to a charity for posting an opp with PayPerPost. Have I done it, no, no I have not but the option is there and I don’t know of any other program like PayPerPost that allows that to be done. You can follow the good work that the Blog America Tour is doing on the IZEA blog as well as on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks Jill. I love taking photos of her, she is so sweet. I have to get back to other photos eventually but there is always the Eva Gallery.

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