Eva on the Boppy

Eva on the Boppy
Photo-A-Day #942

Today I upgraded my WordPress to 2.3.1 and I have a few issues. Whether it was smart to upgrade right before a long trip or not remains to be seen. Either way I like the new features that are available with WordPress 2.3.1. The ability to add tags as well as categories is pretty cool. I am getting some strange error messages when I post or save files but the files post and they save none the less.

Today Eva got her first bottle. And I was the one to feed her. She ate a full 3oz. And she took the bottle really well. That’s a good thing because next Monday Allison and I celebrate our 2nd Anniversary and it will be nice to be able to leave Eva with someone for the few hours that we go and have dinner.

Today was full of getting things ready for my trip to Vegas tomorrow. I picked up a video camera, the Canon 850 as well as a 4GB SD card. I plan to get a lot of footage while in Vegas. And of course capture memories of Eva as she grows up.

Getting everything ready for Blog World Expo has been an insane undertaking. I hope that the travel goes smoothly tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Eva on the Boppy”

  1. I’m sure it will be hard for you to take off and leave Eva for the first time (other than going to work and stuff).

    I will be flying out at some ungodly hour on Thursday morning. Mike and I will be driving up to Manchester Wednesday night, and staying at a hotel right next to the airport…that will make it easier for me to get up and go at the appointed time. He’ll be leaving to go to work once I’m on the plane.

    I still have so much to do to get ready, it’s not funny. At least I’ve already found the website with all of the latest TSA rules for flying (I’ve never flown before), and at least have a packing strategy.

    Do you plan to be a part of the group photo in front of the fountains at the Bellagio? Details are on the PPP boards, BrettBum is organizing it. Should be cool.

    Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

  2. Hi Christine,
    I am heading out in about an hour and then should be in Vegas by 1:00. That is if all goes well. It will be tough to leave Eva but we have a web cam so it will be nice to see her on it.

    I will check out the photo information. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. Hi Karen, I’m not showing tags but I have been tagging things but they are not showing up. I haven’t really played with 2.3.1, shouldn’t have upgraded before the trip. See you soon.

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