Photo-A-Day #945 11/09/07

Today after the conference I went to meet up with the Posties at the Bellagio. I missed the whole event. I was taking the bus from place to place and it took forever to get there and then I walked over to Caramel and no one was still there. Oh well. I totally missed the photo and the fun. Tomorrow night I will have to make sure I spend time with the Posties.

Instead I ended up heading over to Margaritaville. I was certainly dressed for it. I love the Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirts. They are so comfortable and I got many, many compliments on it today. People out of nowhere said that they liked the shirt and at Margaritaville even more people loved it. I got some tasty fajitas and even some dessert. I just felt like because I was in Vegas and I walked all up and down the strip I could get a little dessert. I go the chocolate hurricane. Oh my God it was so delicious.

After dinner I went over to the gift shop and picked up a few things for myself and Allison and Eva too. Then I went and sat in the awesome chairs. I took a few pictures and then caught the bus. I got upstairs and realized that I left the gifts in a bag next to the chair. I jumped off at the next bus stop and ran all the way back to Margaritaville. I burst through the door and there was a guy sitting in the chair looking through the back and at the receipt. Panting, I asked him if he had just found that next to the chair he said yes and I told him what happened and he handed it right back to me. I was so surprised to see that it was still there. So not Allison and Eva get gifts that aren’t just from the convention.

I went back out to the bus and the line was huge. I stood there and waited then an ambulance came up because some guy was really very drunk and dry heaving. So they loaded him up and I decided to walk back to where the bus dropped me off about one half hour earlier. I caught another bus and went back to the hotel.

Photos coming tomorrow when I can get them uploaded.

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  1. You can walk and walk and walk on the Strip in Vegas. Love that Hawaiian shirt and “hat”. Been to Margaritaville several times and it’s aways packed so you were lucky to get your package back and the guy was willing to give it back.

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