Photo-A-Day #948 11/12/07

I left Las Vegas last night at 11:00pm. I arrived home without incident at 9:00am. Allison and Eva were there at the baggage claim to welcome me home. Such a sight for sore eyes, feet and back. I was hurting from the flight, I haven’t flown since well before Eva was born and I was out of practice. So we went home and Allison did some shopping while I unpacked and watched Eva.

Unpacking was fun, out of the suitcase I must have pulled 15 new T-Shirts. Some for Allison some for me and for some reason I had some small and medium t-shirts so I gave them to my sister.

I have so much swag to sort through and so many business cards to go through as well. Just very busy over the next few days and weeks getting back to contacts, preparing for three big concurrent contests on multiple blogs and also working on new ideas. I may not even have the time to do paid posts with all the busy that is going on. I am working on uploading the video of the Fab Four from PostieCon. I should have it up soon but it is huge 576MB and an hour long so I’ve had a few false starts. I’m going to let it run overnight.

I was so glad to get home today because it is our 2nd Anniversary. Allison and I had dinner at the Blackington Inn. The meal was delicious and afterwards we went to the mall and got Eva a beautiful costume for next Halloween as well as some new clothes. My mom and sister watched Eva while we were gone. Eva was just perfect for them. Today’s PAD was taken before we headed out. I should have used my XShot but didn’t have it. Also I need to work on my portrait taking skills and will be taking part in the December Photo Challenge from Trevor Carpenter.

I have so many posts to write including a review of Utterz. I’m going to be quoted in their latest press release about winning the first Moblie award. Very cool.

22 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #948 11/12/07”

  1. Yay Courtney! Thanks for commenting. I’m very excited to do a blog post about meeting you. I’m also getting the RSS feeds from your blog added to my list of daily reads.

    And yes Eva does have very squeezable cheeks. Daddy squeezed them a lot yesterday with kisses when he got home.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful evening!

    Now, is it me…or does it look like you still have a little pink frosting on your face? Haa!

  3. That stuff stains. It could very well still be there. Allison was funny yesterday after reading my post titled “Ted Murphy gave me Pink Eye” She thought it was the real thing and I wouldn’t be able to help with Eva when I got home. Very funny.

  4. Hi Heather,
    No problem on the HB post. Glad the video came together. It was really nice to meet you. I did see the photos this morning. I even commented on a few of them. I have some that I took that I will send you once I get home. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  5. I don’t think we’ll let Eva do any cake plows anytime soon. Of course someday she will see that video and wonder why her father is no longer silly like that and why he is an old fart.

    Shhh, don’t let Allison know that. Sheesh.

  6. What an awesome picture of you and your family! Belated happy anniversary. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the video of the fab four? It was awesome to meet you. I’m glad you will be bringing your wife to PostieCon08.

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