Photo-A-Day #961 11/25/07

Today Allison and I took Eva to her first North Attleboro Parade. Let me first say that each year that we go to this parade I wonder where all the people come from. There must be 15 different dance studios in town as well as 15 girl scout and brownie troops. I just wonder where all these people are half the time. It is incredible.

For the most part I like the parades. I like that people int he parades have a good time and get out there so we can cheer and enjoy their hard work. What I don’t like is the way people are at parades. Some people should just not leave the house because they cannot behave in civilized company. and what is worse they are creating kids just as bad. It is infuriating.

Eva slept through the parade, which is good because the fire trucks were quite loud at times. We did see many nice things and enjoyed the parade. It is great to have it down the street from us. Here are three more photos that I liked.

Photo-A-Day #961b 11/25/07 Photo-A-Day #961c 11/25/07 Photo-A-Day #961d 11/25/07