Photo-A-Day #967 12/01/07

Day one of Trevor Carpenter’s December Challenge. The challenge is to take a portrait a day for the month of December. Portraits are not my strongest point, so I’d start easy with a subject that I’ve had a bunch of experience with. So 31 days and 32 different subjects, some family, some friends and some strangers. I hope to learn as much as I can about taking portraits this month.

Today I did a marketing blitz of my December contests. I went out and visited many blogs to tell people about the contests and I hope that many people decide to enter the contests. I have a bunch of great prizes to give away. So 15 days from now I hope to have many people who will be participating.

The first entry for the Win a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Lite is Neil Galloway of Thoughts From My Life and he’s set the standard for a great post for the contest. Trevor Carpenter also wrote up a post about the contest on The perfect compliment to photowalking is automatic geotagging.

Today We got my parent’s tree put up and it is a beauty. We don’t have our own tree up at the moment but this is the first year in a long time that we are actually getting one. I’m looking forward to putting one up and sharing it with Eva. Eva is doing well and had a big day, here she is in a bonus photo enjoying her swing.

Photo-A-Day #967b 12/01/07

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #967 12/01/07”

  1. She’s gotten so big, she’s very strong too. Pushing her feet down and having lots of tummy time with mommy and daddy.

  2. It looks like you are off to a great start!
    Also, I think I got the RSS up and going-let me know if it doesn’t work for you. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Thanks David, I see the RSS is working. I added you to my feed reader. Your photos for the challenege are great so far. I like your work.

  4. Thanks Andree, I am excited to see what color her eyes become. Allison is convinced that they will stay blue. Me, I’m going to wait and see.

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