Photo-A-Day #971 12/05/07

I feel very limited with my point and shoot camera. I cannot set DOF or focus or anything. So I asked Drew if I could take his portrait. He came up with this. He looks very much like some sort of deranged elf about to leap from behind the revolving tree. We were at the big restaurant in Grundy, VA. There were quite a few stuffed animals (real ones not like the ones we have for Eva) around the place. It was a restaurant/bar/pool hall. A very interesting place but they had pretty good steaks.

We hung around after dinner and played a little pool. I tried to get a decent shoot for the December Challenge, something with the pool cues and whatnot but since I can’t control focus on the Point and Shoot things did not come out exactly like I wanted. I elected to leave the DSLR at home and figured I’d get decent shots with the point and shoot. however I am finding that I have limited control and need to make my portraits outside to make them better. I am learning and hoping to make my skills better. There are quite a few people doing the challenge and they have some fantastic stuff online. You can see the December Challenge threads on Flickr and Zooomr.

Here is a group picture in front of the revolving Christmas Tree

Photo-A-Day #971b 12/05/07

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  1. Thanks Dad,
    I do work, most of my time is spent flying and driving however. I didn’t get a sundae. No desserts for me.

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