Photo-A-Day #984 12/18/07

Today’s photo for Day 18 of the December Challenge is of Baby Eva. She has found her hands to help soothe herself. It looks like she is trying to swallow her whole hand too. She hasn’t quite figured out that she has separate fingers but she does like that fist.

Little Eva has been sleeping so well lately. We hate to tell people because usually whoever we tell has had horrible stories of how poorly their kids have been sleeping.

Today I spent a huge amount of time making edits to my blog for reasons I cannot talk about but I’m conflicted about the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #984 12/18/07”

  1. Ahh yes, the “everything goes in my mouth” stage. Soon it will be your nose if you hold her too close to your face!

    I got your card today, she looks gorgeous in that dress! I promise I’m sending mine out, even if they don’t arrive until after Christmas 🙂

  2. Are her eyes still in the “blue” stage or is that going to be her color? That’s gorgeous. Such a cutie pie.

    I don’t notice anything different on your blog, I think your bluffing! lol I kid. 🙂

  3. I have several thoughts.

    1. She puts her hand in her mouth. Why can’t I put childen’s hands in my mouth?

    2. Editing? So now I can’t go back and read about your “meth years”?

    3. Those eyes…that face…sell her to me, damn you!

  4. Hi Elizabeth, no worries on the card, glad you liked ours. I have to do a post about the photo shoot for that, some of the ones I didn’t use are hilarious.

    Actually we play this game called ‘Vampire baby’ because she got hungry one time and I did put my nose too close to her face and she latched on. I stood there saying “vampire baby!, oh no!” Allison got a kick out of it.

  5. Oh don’t let my wife hear that her eyes may change. There is the 6 month window where her eyes could switch over to brown however my wife really wants them to stay blue, her whole family is blue however I am brown and my family has lots of brown as well.

    As for the differences on the blog you wouldn’t notice them, something crappy is going on and I have to protect myself. No worries.

  6. Hey Mr. Fab,
    No you cannot put toddler’s hands in your mouth, it is like Mr. Fab kryptonite, you will die if you try this again.

    No you can no longer access those records, they have been sealed.

    No sale my friend, no sale. If we ever set up a meet up I am making sure to ‘lojack’ her to ensure her safety.

  7. That’s the way it is with my husband. Everyone on his side has a shade of blue, and everyone on my side has brown’s. All my critters had bluish looking eyes, and only one of them turned brown, my hubby thinks it’s the mailman’s kid. lol

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