Photo Hunters: Pointed

Photo Hunters: Pointed, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

This week’s theme for Photo Hunters is Pointed. Eva is pointing at EVERYTHING these days. I carry her around and she leads the way by pointing out every single thing around. Well she actually just sticks her pointer finger out and I move her around. So in essence she points at things. This picture however looks like she has pointed at me to say “Get out!” “Get out of my impossible to close pop up play area.”

6 thoughts on “Photo Hunters: Pointed”

  1. LOL! I see you two have entered the master/slave phase of the daughter/daddy relationship! 😉

    It’s a cute photo. She looks amazingly like you, Ben! Happy Photo Hunting Day.

  2. Thanks Mrs. M.
    I figure that this phase will last for a while. Yes, she does look like me when she has “grump face” I guess I should smile more. LOL.

  3. Daisy,

    The photo was taken yesterday so she “pointed” at me. Lol. She looks really nice in that color, and her bucket is the same color as well.

  4. Chelle,
    They aren’t impossible to pop up but rather to stuff back into the bags they came in. LOL. Thanks for the comments.

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