Pin crazy

I love die cast pins. I collect them from every Harley Davidson shop that I visit all over the country. This week and last we have been on vacation and I hit two Harley Shops as well as Downtown Disney so I picked up quite a few pins for my collection. My Harley Pins live on my desk at work and I have over 95 of them or so. Some of the other pins are on a hat that I should have brought down to wear at Disney. And some don’t have homes yet.

I remember when I was a kid and we came down to Florida for vacation we would go to flea markets and I would ask my parents to buy me pins. I have a monster truck that is orange, a shark and I can’t remember the rest of them. I need to find them. I’m pretty sure I know where they are.

Here are the ones I got this week and last.

Leap Day Pin
Leap Day Pin for Eva. (Her 1st)

Palm Beach Harley Davidson
Palm Beach Harley Pin

Orlando Harley Davidson
Orlando Harley Davidson

Special Edition Bike Week
Special Edition Bike Week Pin

Pirate Princess
Pirate Princess Minnie Ears

Pirate Mickey Ears
Pirate Mickey Ears

Shamu Pin
Shamu and Baby Shamu pin

4 thoughts on “Pin crazy”

  1. I collect belt buckles. Unfortunately, they cost a bit more than pins do, so my collection is limited. I dig random ones like my McDonald’s(yep… vintage 70s Golden Arches) made out of brass and leather. If I find a Shamu belt buckle you can be sure I’ll be rockin’ it!

  2. I was collecting shirts from the Harley Shops and that began to took up too much space and cost so much. The pins cost a bit but they are much more manageable. You should get those buckles out and photograph them.

  3. I know about rain in South Florida! It gets pretty wet on a Harley and we watched The Golden Girls with your mother in-law. Hopefully the weather improves for you. I can remember you buying pins years ago.

  4. We’ve been using the on demand to watch some movies from the 80s. No Golden Girls, game shows and the like. The weather is better today and we hope to get to the pool. I still have those pins somewhere. I need to look through some of my ‘bins’.

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