Pirate Day is the best…

I have noticed signs of Pirate day all over the place. Flickr has the Jolly Roger on the logo today. Facebook is giving away free Pirate Shirts to promote the awesome time waster of Pirates. You can sign up for this game on facebook and play to your hearts content. I’m a level 66 Corsair pirate at the moment. Come and play.

I’m giving away a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD and there are many more mentions of pirates all over the place.

The official Pirate guys put up a bunch of new videos this year.

The Eclipse

Public Service Announcement

Spay and Neuter your Pets
Buddy Learns to Talk Like a Pirate
Pirates And Ninjas – Yah! Pirates Rule!

And the best one is the response to the kid crying about Britney Spears. That response and the one by Seth Green rock.

I give you Leave Blackbeard Alone!

However not everyone is a fan of pirate. Shame on them. Gizmodo seems to have an issue with pirates and an affinity for ninjas. I don’t see the appeal. You don’t see hundreds of people dressing like pirates going to the master of all things pirate, Jimmy Buffett, each summer. In fact you shouldn’t even see a ninja.

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  1. I am not sure, like an anit-pirate.com or who were the people who hunted down pirates? I wonder. Maybe you could start one for all the anti-pirate folks.

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