Post Flooding Aftermath

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01714

The image is not of our house but of the stream behind the Karate Dojo. I went to class this morning and that is what I saw. Luckily nothing seeped into the school. Friends of ours were not so lucky, though. They have a flooded house and it is probably a total loss or at least unlivable for the near future. I feel terrible about it too. The guy whose house it is was the one who helped me big time during my black belt test.

I also learned of the passing of one of my fellow black belts this morning. after class we learned that John, the kindly older gentleman who trained with us faithfully had passed away last Thursday. He had just been training with us on last Tuesday. I was really knocked for a loop. I felt a special connection to him because he also had type II diabetes and he was still training and working hard at Krav. That gave me more motivation in my own journey. I appreciated all of his encouragement and help as I prepared for my own black belt test. He’ll be missed.

After class I had to run to Lowe’s to buy a new fridge. Overnight ours went and died on us overnight. Well, the fridge part died and the freezer was still working. So, I asked our neighbor Joanie if we could store things in her fridge until we got a new one. she has a second fridge in her basement and I transferred everything I could salvage from our fridge over to hers. When I got home from getting the new fridge I turned our old one off and that turned off the freezer so I turned it back on and it got cold again. I don’t trust keeping anything in it anymore though. It was well beyond time for a new one. We’re almost at 100% stainless steel appliances in the kitchen at this point. Just gotta replace the stove. That’s next on the list.