Postie Spotlight: Robyn

I was very lucky to meet Robyn and her husband Mike at Postiecon 07. We spent quite a bit of time talking at Tao during the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Both Robyn and Mike were awesome to talk to, we chatted about Chicago. I’ve traveled there many times and they live there. Robyn was even interviewed and photographed for the Chicago Business Magazine. The photo for the interview is great, you have to go see it.

And the next time I go out to Chicago I hope to be able to go to Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Restaurant where Mike is a chef. Man, I’d love to do that, I love Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce too and use it when I make crock pot ribs.

Robyn runs quite a few blogs and even maintains a great list of favorite bloggers. I check that list each day to see what those bloggers are up to.

Here is a sampling of some of Robyn’s blogs.

genki desu yo!!

Cheffin’ It!