Psych: Talk Derby to Me

****Spoilers Possible ***

I can’t post the videos anymore because they come up a week later now. When it is up you can go to to watch it.

Last night’s episode of Psych was a very good one in my opinion. The story centered around a burglary case. Shawn is called in to help out on the case and he determines that the people who perpetrated the crime were on roller skates.

So we get an undercover episode with Juliette in the role of the undercover officer. She goes undercover at the roller derby. We learn early on that some of the women on Juliette’s team were the ones who are the criminals. They hit a department store and took a bunch of piddly things, but that wasn’t why they were there. That reveal happened much later where we find that they were stealing identities.

This episode was really a big focus on Juliette and her role as a detective on the Santa Barbara PD. She takes her job very seriously and dives right into her work. Apparently she was a decent roller skater and she even gets pretty mean on the track, breaking someone else’s nose. I did enjoy the parts where Lassiter wanted to go undercover and Chief Vick basically put the kibosh on that because of his previous undercover exploits.

Shawn worked very well with Juliette because well, he is in love with her. She has some feelings for him too but keeps that pretty close to the vest. She sees how he is with other women, at least in past seasons he was a bit of a player, that has been toned down. No, he has fallen hard for Jules and even went out of his way to make her a fancy dinner.

Gus was pretty much in the background this episode because he was studying for a pharmaceutical exam, which Shawn took on his behalf. That was pretty funny especially because Gus’ password is “Chocolate Thunder”. Too funny.

The best part of the episode was the very end where “couples skate” started and Shawn tried to hold Juliette’s hand. Oh, she certainly has some feelings for him for sure. Next week is the summer season finale of Psych and Lumberg himself, Gary Cole, is coming to the show as a guest star.