Psych: The Ghost In You

Recap and review spoilers will be in there.

Last night another of my favorite USA Network shows came back on the air. I enjoyed PSYCH long before Burn Notice but Burn Notice has now far surpassed what I enjoyed about PSYCH. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy PSYCH but Burn Notice is better.

I loved the opening flashback with Shawn in his rebellious teen years, stealing cars and then seeing Detective LAssiter as a rookie, that was priceless. Nice extensions Shawn.

There were two good surprises in last night’s episode that were talked about in every commercial for the show. Cybil Shepard started a guest star story arc as Shawn’s mother and Gus quits PSYCH in a text message no less. We will get to Shawn’s mommy issues in a moment.

The show finally addresses something I’ve been wondering for a while, how does Gus get to skip out on work all the time. Finally someone is calling him out in this and threatens him with being fired if he doesn’t quit PSYCH, as there is no “Moonlighting” at his current job. Subtle how they worked that specific word in when Cybil Shepard was a guest star.

I’m not totally clear on the whole break up of Shawn’s parents. Shawn says that he hasn’t seen his mom in three years. Later they say that his mom and dad split up when he was in high school. I always thought that Shawn’s mom left them so much earlier in his life and that is why his dad raised him. I’m so confused.

The bulk of the episode was about Gus quitting PSYCH and Shawn attempting to get him back in the fold. I love how Dule Hill was this episode. Fearless Guster was so funny. And I love that he even claimed Shawn on his taxes. The fight in the hallway of Gus’ work was classic, “Don’t you dare go boneless on me, Shawn!” Also Gus’ nervous ramblings were very funny, especially in the presence of his bosses.

So Shawn and Gus get a job for the head boss at the pharmaceutical company. The ghost story of course is an elaborate ruse by Shawn, and it backfires a bit. However because of Shawn’s hyper observance he notices that the big boss is not only having an affair but he is also repackaging samples for resale. That is illegal. So Gus gets to stay on with PSYCH and gets a raise to boot, probably to support Shawn more.

Shawn’s mother is a PSYCH-ologist and she has been brought to the police department to evaluate a few people including a certain detective who has discharged his weapon a lot lately. So Lassiter goes in playing the role of Clint Eastwood’s character from Heartbreak Ridge. But the tough guy act didn’t work as Lassiter finally broke down and talked with Shawn’s mother, and things turned around nicely for him and he felt much closer to her, then she revealed that Shawn was her son. Lassiter was incredulous.

We also learn that it was Shawn’s mother who left not his father. And I am sure I wasn’t the only one who thought that Shawn’s dad was behind the marriage breakdown because he is such a hard ass.

All in all a good episode. I am looking forward to next week’s episode where Gus and Shawn go to their High School Reunion. Also, this is what TV Squad had to say about the episode. Reading that I learned that there is a hidden pineapple in every episode. What? I had no clue.

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