QuikPod, a great gadget….

I received my QuikPod in the mail today. Right off the bat I knew I would love this product because it came in the best packaging. It came in the bare minimum needed to to be sent through the mail. Just a box, no special packaging at all. That said to me that the product is going to speak for itself and it flashy packaging. I heard about the QuikPod on GeekBrief.tv, the great podcast by Cali Lewis. My all time favorite podcast so far. Almost every podcast is another great gadget that I would like to buy. And this time I went through with it and bought the QuikPod.

This device is an extendable tripod that you can hold with one hand and take pictures of yourself instead of giving it to a stranger who will most likely mess up the picture. I remember when I bought the Sanyo Xacti C4 and let someone else use it and I spent about 5 minutes explaining what it did and they still messed up the picture and that was on our honeymoon. So Allison and I missed out on some great shots because I had a complex camera. But we will not be out of luck in that situation ever again.

I bought the Pro Kit which included some tripod legs. That was only $5.00 more than the Deluxe kit. If you bought this separately it would be an additional $12.00. So go for it and get the Pro Kit when you place your order. The Pro kit comes with The QuikPod, tripod legs, hiking clip, carry bag, pocket clip and wrist strap. It weights next top nothing and collapses down to a very tidy small package.

You can attach any camera that has a standard tripod fitting. And I took some video with it and it was very easy to keep steady. Allison and I used it for today’s Photo-A-Day.

I plan to take this with me on all my trips and when I take pictures with it I will let you know which photos were taken with the QuikPod.

This product is also very well constructed also, and made from high quality polycarbonate and aluminum components. It extends and collapses very easily, and goes from 7.5 inches to 18.5 inches. And it merely weighs 3.5oz. And I really like that for my travels. So now I have three travel tripods but I think the QuikPod will become my favorite. Such a wonderful idea. One of those, I wish I thought of it ones.

There are some optional accessories that are going to be coming out for the QuikPod, they would be a Suction cup Mount and a Magnetic Mount. These would attach to the base of the QuikPod so you could mount the QuikPod on something metal or as suctioned to something smooth. I know that I will be getting the Suction attachment for my Kayak. Add that to the Waterproof case that I will be buying and I will have the perfect setup for my kayaking photography. The magnetic and suction cup mounts are coming soon, but as soon as they are ready I am buying one.

Here are my pictures from my new favorite gadget.

The Carry Bag
The Carry Bag.

QuikPod and the optional tripod legs, hiking clip and wrist strap.

QuikPod and the optional tripod legs, hiking clip and wrist strap.

QuikPod and wrist strap, the detachable tripod legs and hiking clip.
QuikPod and wrist strap, the detachable tripod legs and hiking clip.

One of my first photos with the QuikPod
One of my first photos with the QuikPod. And I am truly happy with this purchase. Be on the lookout for more QuikPod photos.