Remember a certain soft drink challenge….

Harnessing the power of the Internet and social media in a very bold Web 2.0 fashion we see newcomer Alisa Apps taking on other Pop Stars on YouTube. What we have here is the Pop Star Challenge. And this is how it works. There are a series of entertaining YouTube videos where an irritating host talks to people on the street and asks them to take the Pop Star Challenge. They are to listen to Alisa Apps and her song “Confusion” against other pop stars.

So how do you do this from home. Well, this is where the boldness comes in. On each video there is a link to the Alisa Apps song “Confusion” and another link to a video of another pop star. You are encouraged to listen to both songs and leave your thoughts on each in the comments of each video. Pretty simple right? Sure it is and pretty confident on the part of Alisa Apps.

I took the Pop Star Challenge. While I didn’t think the “Confusion” video was that great, I did like the catchiness of the song itself. The video was up against Rihanna – Take A Bow. I didn’t really like that video either, however it was much more polished. I think that with a better video director Alisa Apps and her songs may have a shot at Pop Stardom.

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