Review: Hot Wheels Cereal

Hot Wheels Cereal
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01470

General Mills Cereals sent me a free sample of their latest cereal, Hot Wheels Cereal. They often send me free samples to review. I specifically asked to check this one out because I love Hot Wheels and have a big collection of character cars and more Hot Wheels vehicles. I recently added a Twinkly Line to a display of my Hot Wheels character cars. The lights are on a length of Hot Wheels track. Makes for a pretty sweet display.

Speaking of sweet, the cereal is also rather sweet with a fruity taste. I usually do not like fruity cereals but this one was really good. It felt like a cross between Trix and Lucky Charms. Andy got to the cereal first and he’s been enjoying that each morning for breakfast. I was once again lucky to get myself a bowl of the cereal before he ate it all. I think we’ll be picking this up again.